What is JOT Financials?

Since inception, JOT Financials is a trusted accounting and financial services company. We offer top-notch services that include bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and financial advisory. If you can't find your service here, contact us and we'll be of help.

What is your view of money?

Money is something to be earned, invested, and enjoyed. It has no intrinsic value and is valuable only because of what it can provide. Part of our job is helping our clients discover and define what money really means to them.

Why trust JOT Financials?

Trust is an interesting thing, it is both earned and given. It’s a salient requirement of a meaningful business relationship. JOT Financials was built largely by referral. So, our client community is responsible for building the great relationships we have. Our process is designed to determine if we can establish a relationship where there is mutual trust and value in moving forward together.

What is your clientele like?

We have a small community of clients (versus firms with thousands), most who live locally. We want to be convenient to our clients. When a client moves away and wants to continue receiving the services we provide, we communicate with these clients via, webinar or conference call and occassional in-person visits to their offices. We have a specific ideal client profile.

Can I call to ask questions?

Since we don’t charge by the hour, our clients feel welcome to call us with any questions, issues, or just to brainstorm. We look forward to these calls and take pride in our ability to help everyone in any way we can.